lundi 12 mars 2007

La journée de la femme (podcast - english lesson 1)

I really need to refresh my english : grammar, spelling, speaking etc ... So if someone want to correct my mistakes go ahead. Thanks. Arthur Wneir

ann coulterPodcast n°8 : la journée de la femme

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Hommage à Gérard Pince (English Version i mean) :

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Text - you can correct it in the commentaries (what a funny game :-)

Beetween the pig year, and the beginning of the spring, there is march the 8 , women's day. This year the topic was "womens take the power" or some craps like that.

Yes sure, they takes the power. Here we have Segolene Royal who claim to transform France into a big nursery, where children could be the french, and social benefits the afternoon tea.
And over there you have Hilary Clinton, that program is to change United States of America into an Europeen countrie, with social security for all, and social rights as daily bread.

Notice that i've nothing against women, they are usefull, they smell good, and does nice cakes. Actually i've no choice, since i'm not able to cold shoulder at being straitgh. You know, dragqueens have all inconvenients of womens without any of the aventages.

Speaking of that, i didn't catch all this mess about Ann Coulter being lynch by the mainstream medias. Ok she calls John Edwards a faggot, but i was thinking witch hunting is only done by republicans, maccarthysts and foxnews. Ann Coulter doesnt deserve that, she only deserve our respect ... and a sandwisch. Please give her some food !

Ok that's all for today. But i'm going to to latter some podcast about womens, it's a topic that entertain me.

I'd like to conclude by a statement, that i invite you to think about – since i'm it's autor : God created the man, and he saw that it was good, but the man was feeling alone and bored. So God created the women ... God has a lot of humour.

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Laure Allibert a dit…

Vairi goude, maï diir Arthur... Mais pour arriver au niveau de G. Pince, il y a encore du boulot...

Arthur Wneir a dit…

il faudrait que je tente la vidéo, sur fond jaune, ... filmé de haut.